The Sophia Hilton Foundation of Canada

We produce animated video materials that both inform and educate. We use a variety of styles designed to entertain our audience while we try to deepen viewer understanding of a given topic. We are especially interested in themes that cross cultural divides, with mutual appreciation being our key goal. We develop materials for use by other foundations and charitable organizations. We also distribute our products to schools, universities and cultural organizations whenever possible. Proceeds from all of our published and online subscription materials go to support the Foundation's efforts to bring stories like The Legend of Ponnivala to the world. Our focus is on providing no-cost access to the videos, books, and teaching materials to classrooms at all levels. [Read more...]

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The product of decades of research, and seven years of production work, The Legend of Ponnivala has become our flagship product. Find out how this amazing 26-episode animated series came to be, and where it's going next! Click here!


Our flagship products, these beautiful graphic novels in both English and Tamil are a great resource for families and teachers alike. And now, we have a fully interactive edition available for the iPad as well. Be sure to stop by the Marketplace for more great offers!


We provide materials and resources related to The Legend of Ponnivala, our main animation and research project, to schools in Canada and around the world. Our key initiative includes the launch of a free video service for schools where teachers can stream the animated series in their classrooms.